Our philosophy is the guiding principle of our actions.

LeiTec electronics GmbH & Co. KG Ahlen Westfalen LeiTec electronics GmbH & Co. KG Ahlen Westfalen

LeiTec electronics defines the strength of the company through its technologies and products - but above all through its highly motivated employees.

Elements of quality assurance Elemente der Qualitätssicherung

Elements of quality management, environmental work and safety are guarantors of the continuous improvement of our management system.

Industrial electronics from Ahlen Industrieelektronik aus Ahlen

Initiatively we commit ourselves to act responsibly in terms of environmental protection in compliance with legal requirements.

Partner Automotive Partner Automotive

Transparency, sincerity and trust are the basis of the good and respectful cooperation between us and our customers, suppliers and employees.

Industrieelektronik Ahlen Westfalen Industrieelektronik Ahlen Westfalen

Engagement, success and uniqueness of the company are based on the continuous quality of our products and services - especially with regard to customer benefits.

Career LeiTec electronics Ahlen Karriere LeiTec Elektronik Ahlen

Chances for the personal and professional development of our employees regardless of their cultural background is a vital component of our holistic success.

Principles of action that we derive from this:

Every single employee in our company bears responsibility for quality, the environment, safety and health, as well as their continuous improvement. To this end, we regularly set ourselves goals and ensure their implementation.

We are constantly expanding the knowledge of our proven and newly manufactured products. With suitable measures, we consider new findings in health and environmental protection as well as safety.

In our manufacturing processes we ensure the safe handling of materials and residual materials. We minimize the use of materials and energy as well as emissions and waste.

Health-conscious behavioris primarily the responsibility of each employee. We support them in this with measures and programs to promote and maintain health.